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I filmed this video last night, which is why I say it’s the beginning of Week Three.  I tried to keep it short but failed, sorry!


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Thank you, drive thru!

Yes, it’s true. The same classy establishment that advertises for “The Fourth Meal” is now capitalizing on the health craze with the “Drive Thru Diet.” I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials – they tell you about Christine, Taco Bell’s version of Subway Jared, who lost 54 pounds over two years by choosing items from the Fresco menu – a 7-item section of the menu with choices ranging from 150 to 340 calories, and each with 8g of fat or less.

Now it’s time for a dirty little secret confession…..Taco Bell is a guilty pleasure of mine. The only thing I ever get now is the bean burrito, without cheese (there are several vegan offerings on the menu), but I always loved Taco Bell. We ate there once in a while when I was a kid, and when I started driving I would hit up the drive thru for “fourth meal” on a regular basis. The Taco Bells in my hometown were open until the wee hours of the morning, and the line for the drive thru was often 10 or more cars deep. It remains one of the only places where you can get seriously cheap fast food. When I came to college I was surprised to find that Taco Bell wasn’t a very big deal here! There is only one TB for the entire town of 50,000 and it closes at a perfectly reasonable hour! I was also disappointed to have met and eventually married a man who doesn’t like Taco Bell! I still have it once in a while, though not nearly as often as I used to. I don’t advocate eating a lot of fast food, I really don’t. But I just love me some Taco Bell once in a while.

Now, with no love lost, I think the “Drive Thru Diet” is ridiculous. Yes, one could lose weight the same way Christine did – I’m not saying there is anything wrong with her or what she did.  Losing 54 pounds is a great accomplishment, and if it took her 2 years to do so, she likely did it slowly and in a reasonably healthy manner. I highly doubt she actually ate Taco Bell every day, but “eating Taco Bell once in a while” just doesn’t have the same draw.  I do believe that eating fast food once in a while can be part of a healthy lifestyle. But I don’t like diets as marketing schemes. I hate that people will so easily buy into an idea for long-term weightloss and maintenance that involves anything less than changing your life. “Eating Better Just Got Easier”? I don’t like the implication that losing weight is easy. I don’t like the insinuation that you should eat Taco Bell (or any fast food) every day, or multiple times per day. The sodium alone is likely to bloat you up like a balloon.  One thing that worries me is the temptation – once you’re in the line, how likely are you to stick to ordering from the Fresco menu?  How easy is it to add sour cream, or tack on an order of Border Fries?  How much better would your favorite double-decker-extra-cheesy-deep-fried taco supreme taste? I think it could be a slippery slope for some people.  It’s also really important to remember that calorie counts on restaurant food are notoriously unreliable because the servings are not totally standardized. I’ve seen this with my own eyes – one visit to Taco Bell will yield a burrito the size of a newborn baby, and the next time I’ll unwrap a burrito the size of a bubblegum cigar. You can’t count on fast food to be “diet” or “health” food. But you can have it as part of living a healthy lifestyle if you make good choices.  To echo a sentiment Andrea put forth in her goal-setting post, “Make wise choices!”

What do you think of diets like The Subway Diet, Drive Thru Diet, or The Special K Diet?

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