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So, yeah, as I previously mentioned that while I am on hiatus from exercising, I joined Weight Watchers. Wanna know what? It’s actually working. I’ve lost 5.8 pounds since I joined December 30, 2009. Well, yeah, of COURSE I’m going to lose weight…I’m eating so little calories (and I’m not sure how much longer I will continue Weight Watchers once I start back at my exercise routine, but you never know). But, I will say this…I’ve been consuming even more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and good protein than I normally do…
Here was my dinner tonight:

Earth Grains 100% Natural Thin Buns (1 point)
Boca Vegan Burger (1 point)
1 slice fat free cheese (1 point) – can substitute a vegan cheese
A few thin slices of tomato (0 points), mustard (0 points), ketchup (0 points since I used so very little), sliced red onion (0 points) and spinach (0 points)…but since there are so many 0 points I am marking all of this as 1 point
1 serving Market Pantry Light Homestyle vegetable soup (1 point)
Steamed veggies (0 points)
1 cup of zero calorie sweet tea (0 points)

So, all of this for 5 points. I really enjoy this meal and it definitely keeps me satisfied. And I’m sure Lindsay could easily help you modify it to make it vegan.

I’m not the best photographer, so this is the best I could do for now…haha.


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